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By Ryan Levesque, the “Orchid Care” Guy

Orchids can become susceptible to unwanted pests and diseases. In this orchid care video my good friend and fellow orchid “nut” Chuck will show you how you can treat and even prevent these problems with something you probably have sitting in your medicine cabinet right now:

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Prevent Orchid Pests & Disease…

What do you have in your home that can help your orchids fight against pests and disease? Listerine!

Listerine has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, and the alcohol content also makes it effective against bugs!

This powerful home remedy can be used as a spray at full strength as a preventative measure on your orchids.

Simply spray your orchid plants lightly once a week or so, and you’ll have yourself a quick and easy way to keep away unwanted pests and disease, and ensure your plant stays healthy. Make sure to spray in the morning and wipe away any excess that may have gotten in the crown of the orchid to prevent crown rot.

Just be sure to ONLY use the original (gold colored) version, because the flavored versions have added substances that are not 100% orchid-friendly :-)

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