Orchid Care Video

By Ryan Levesque, the “Orchid Care” Guy

I have a great Orchid Care home remedy for you today.

In today’s orchid care video my good friend, and fellow orchid nut, Chuck will show you how easy it is to treat and even prevent nearly all orchid diseases using a simple little ingredient found in your kitchen cupboard:

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The next time you need to trim / cut back your orchid (and this tip applies whether you’re trimming your orchid’s roots, leaves, or the stem)…

Apply a light dusting of Cinnamon Powder on the freshly cut areas of your plant. That’s right, regular cinnamon found in your kitchen.

What does the Cinnamon do exactly?

Cinnamon is a safe and all-natural fungicide, and applying a small amount on exposed areas your plant can protect it from fungus and bacteria!

I like to have some Cinnamon on hand whenever I bring home a new plant with a bit of damage, or whenever I am performing a bit of routine “surgery” on my plants :-)

Here’s how to use it:

  1. simply wet the recently cut / broken area of the plant with a bit of water so the cinnamon will stick.
  2. Either sprinkle the cinnamon directly onto the affected area, or pour a small amount in a plate first, and then “dip” the tips of the affected areas into the plate of cinnamon.

But whichever method you prefer, be sure to use Cinnamon sparingly – too much cinnamon can actually inhibit root growth if used excessively.

So you won’t want to use it on otherwise healthy, uncut roots.

…Oh! And by the way, whenever you do any sort of cutting, make sure that your tools (scissors, knife, shears, etc.) are sterilized before you begin.


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All my best,

Ryan “The Orchid Guy” :-)

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