Orchid Care and Maintenance Video: Fertilizer 101

By Ryan Levesque, the “Orchid Care” Guy

In today’s orchid care video my friend Chuck reveals the specific role each ingredient in orchid fertilizer plays in order to maintain a healthy plant…

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Fertilizer Ingredients

When it comes to orchid care and maintenance, it’s important to understand the roles fertilizer plays in helping your plant grow, bloom and stay healthy.

All fertilizers contain Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium as their principle ingredients.

These are commonly referred to as N-P-K, and are expressed in numbers – in terms of their % content in a given fertilizer.

So for example, when you look on bag of fertilizer and see “30-10-10”, that fertilizer contains 30% Nitrogen, 10% Phosphorus, and 10% Potassium.

In today’s video you will find out the specific role each of these ingredients plays in the healthy growth of your orchid.

Watch the video to find out some helpful tips when it comes to fertilizing your orchid…


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