How to Grow Orchids Video

By Ryan Levesque, the “Orchid Care” Guy

In today’s orchid care video my good friend Chuck is going to show you how to grow orchids without unintentionally POISONING your plant and making this all-too-common mistake.

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Decorative Pots: Why They Could be the Death of Your Plants…

This may come as a shock to you, but you should NEVER place your orchid directly in a decorative pot, and here’s why:

Unlike most houseplants, orchid roots and leaves are EXTREMELY sensitive to the paints and glazes used in decorative pots…

…So sensitive in fact, that orchids can very easily experience a toxic reaction to the metal-based glazes found on most decorative pots today!

Many retail flower shops these days will sell orchids directly placed in decorative containers because they look more attractive this way when on display.

What you may not realize is that this is setting up your orchid for a quick demise!

The “Right” Type of Pot for Your Orchids…

Instead, you should always place your orchid in a plastic or natural clay pot first, and then position that container in a decorative pot for display purposes only.

So, if you’ve recently purchased or received an orchid as a gift, check right now to make sure that your orchid was first potted in a plastic or natural clay pot.

How does it look? Is your orchid okay?

If it isn’t, you should repot the plant as soon as possible.

And if you’re not sure about the “right” way to repot your orchid – and avoid harming your plant, don’t worry because you can learn exactly how to repot your orchid right now by checking out our Orchid Book or Orchid DVD.


If you’d like to see everything you need to know to care for your orchids, including step-by-step tutorials on repotting, how (and where) to cut back, how to propagate your orchid, as well as how to identify and treat pests and disease – then you might really enjoy our Orchid DVD Course.

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All my best,

Ryan “The Orchid Guy” :-)

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