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Another Way to Get Your Orchids to Bloom Longer

By Ryan Levesque, the “Orchid Care” Guy

In today’s orchid care video my good friend Chuck is going to show you how to take care of orchids and increase their blooming period. Here’s what you want to do…

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Quick Summary:

Crank up your Air Conditioner, and LOWER the temperature a few notches to Keep Your Orchids Nice And Cool…!

Here’s why:

Did you know… You can extend the blooming period of your orchids by introducing them to *slightly* cooler temperatures – not above 75F (24C) – once they begin blooming?

It’s true!

This is a bit cooler than what most orchids prefer when they’re not in bloom, and going through a “growth spurt” period.

But by lowering the temperature a bit, you’re essentially slooowwwing down the aging process of your plant while it’s in bloom – which means many more mornings where you get to wake up, grab a cupof coffee and admire those gorgeous flowers!

But don’t go overboard… You don’t want to send your orchid into a “deep freeze”… Just a few degrees cooler than your orchid’s recommended temperature range is all you need to achieve your desired outcome :-)

Today’s tip is a simple one, but it’s important…


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All my best,

Ryan “The Orchid Guy” :-)

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