Inspirational Orchid Quotes

Every week Laura and I post one of our favorite inspirational orchid quotes, along with a beautiful orchid photo – perfect for posting on Facebook or sharing with your fellow orchid friends on Pinterest!

Here are some of our all-time favorites:


Orchids and Happiness

Happiness and Orchids

Happiness Is A Spiritual Experience

Liking What You Do Is Happiness

Our Souls Blossom


True Happiness

Medicine for the Soul

Do What Makes You Happy


Taking Your Breath Away

Enjoy Life’s Little Moments

Good Life

Today Begins Now

Life Is Wonderful

We Learn Something From Everyone

Time Spent In Nature

It Takes A Lifetime

The Seeds You Plant

Positive Thoughts

Orchids Lead to Positive Thoughts

One Can Do Anything

Anywhere You Want To Go

Every Day Is What You Choose To Make It

Find Beauty Everywhere

Positive Mindset

Achieving Dreams

Dreams Come True

You Can Achieve Anything

Dream A New Dream

Will to Try


Journey Begins With A Single Step…

Adjust Your Sails

Glorious Success

Accomplish Miracles

True Value Of A Moment

Big Things-Small Beginnings


Opportunity For Growth

New Ending

Never Give Up


Flowers Bloom Hope

Hope For Tomorrow

Achieve the Impossible

Hope Anchors The Soul


Always Hope

Enjoying Life

Keep Calm And Grow Orchids

Live A Beautiful Life

Beauty of the Day

A Warm Smile

Enjoy Your Life

Beauty Of What You Love


Enjoy the Little Things

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