Ordering "Orchids Made Easy" by Mailing Check or Money Order

Many folks have written to me saying that they'd love to order a copy of "Orchids Made Easy" -- but either do not have access to a credit card or would prefer to order by sending us check or money order in the mail.

We are happy to accept either personal check or money order, no
problem :-)

PLEASE NOTE: At this time, we are able to accept check or money orders from both the United States and Canada (in US$ funds only, please).

Here's how to order "Orchids Made Easy" by mailing a check or money order:

STEP 1. First, please choose which option you would like to order:
(We offer 3 options for the book, which I've outlined again below for your convenience.)

Option #1:
Downloadable E-Book & Bonuses sent to you through E-mail.  You'll receive the entire book & bonuses sent to you instantly in digital format, which you can download and save to your computer.  Once you've downloaded to your computer, you have unlimited access to the book: You can read and refer to the book right there on your computer screen whenever you want, and you can also print the book on your printer at home.  And since nothing is shipped in the mail with this option, you pay NO shipping & handling charges. US$29.95

Option #2:
Printed copy of the Book & Bonuses sent to you in the mail.  You'll receive a physical copy of all materials (book & bonuses) sent to you in the mail.  This is a professionally printed and bound "traditional book" that you can hold in your hands.  All items are shipped from the US.
$34.95 + $5.00 Shipping & Handling = US$39.95

Option #3:
Printed copy of the Book PLUS Downloadable eBook and Bonuses.  For $3.00 more, you'll receive BOTH a printed copy of the Book and Bonuses sent in the mail, PLUS all materials sent to you INSTANTLY via E-mail in digital format, which you can download and save to your computer right away.  This way, you can have all materials available right there on your computer for easy reference, as well as the physical book, which you can take with you anywhere and have in your library forever.
$37.95 + $5.00 Shipping & Handling = US$42.95

STEP 2. Please make your check or money order payable to "RL & Associates LLC", and on the memo line of your check, please write "Orchids Made Easy" plus "Option #1, #2, or #3" to indicate which option you would like to order.

(Please make sure your payment matches the option you'd like to order, including shipping & handling.)

STEP 3. Please mail your check or money order to:

RL & Associates LLC
4500 Williams Drive, Suite #212-311
Georgetown, TX

STEP 4: (IMPORTANT) Please send me an email at Ryan @ OrchidsMadeEasy.com to let us know your payment is on the way.  Also, because this will provide us with a way to contact you if we need to be in touch about your order.

And that's it! After we receive your check or money order, your book will be rush-shipped to you immediately once your payment clears.

Thanks again!

Ryan "The Orchid Guy" :-)

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