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While we don’t sell orchids or orchid supplies directly on our website. We offer a special program, that gets you access to exclusive, “wholesale” price discounts at a number of suppliers. This page explains how it all works.

How The Program Works:

Repotme Discount CodeThis program is available to Orchids Made Easy Green Thumb Club members. As a member, in addition to receiving Weekly Lessons on all different topics on Orchid Care, as well as weekly “Ask the Orchid Guy” articles…

As an additional NEW member benefit, Laura and I have been hard at work to hook you up with special non-public “wholesale” pricing discounts a number of orchid websites and suppliers!

(If you’re not yet a Green Thumb Club member, you can click here to join now at a discounted rate.)

Here’s how to get your discount:

As long as you remain an active Green Thumb Club member, every month, you’ll receive an email from me with a NEW exclusive coupon code you can use at all preferred suppliers.

The same coupon code can be used at all suppliers, but the code is only good for the current month.

This Month’s Green Thumb Club Discount Code Is:

Orchid Discount Code
If you’re a member, you must sign in to get the current code. You can sign in here.

To use the coupon code, all you need to do is visit the appropriate supplier website, add your items to cart, and before you submit payment – enter that coupon code above at checkout. You’ll see the 20% off discount (or whatever the % off may be) taken off your order before you finalize your purchase.

Here’s the List of Recently Added Suppliers:

The Orchid Studio – Orchid Gifts & Jewelry (20% Discount)

The Orchid Studio sells handcrafted gifts and jewelry for Orchid lovers. Green Thumb Club members save 20% off their entire store all month long!

Jim’s Orchid Supplies – Orchid Pots, Potting Material, & Supplies (20% Discount)*

*NOTE: The 20% discount is valid on everything except ventilation equipment, evaporative coolers, reverse osmosis, and lighting products.

Jim’s Orchid Supplies carries practically everything you possibly need for your orchids – whether you’ve got just one plant at home, or an entire greenhouse. In particular, Jim’s carries a VERY wide selection of pots and potting material – and if you’re in the US – they’re my recommend source because of their fair prices and excellent quality. But the best part? As a Green Thumb Club member, minus a few exceptions you’re entitled to 20% off their ENTIRE store.

Our Vital Earth – Worm Tea & Worm Castings (20% Discount)

*NOTE: The 20% discount is not valid on the Worm Cafe this month because of the already reduced price.

Our Vital Earth is my personal go-to source for worm castings, worm tea, and (basically all things worm-related) :-) As you probably remember, worm tea is one of my biggest “secrets” for supercharging the growth of not ONLY my orchids… But virtually ALL my plants, including vegetable and fruit plant – in addition to flowering plants. And as a Green Thumb Club member, you’re entitled to 20% off their ENTIRE store:

Hydro Orchids – Hydroponics Supplies (20% Discount)

If you grow orchids hydroponically or semi-hydroponically (or you’ve been thinking about giving it a shot), you’re going to love this: Hydro-Orchids is one of my favorite suppliers for hydroponic orchids supplies and they TOO are now offering Green Thumb Club members 20% off everything in their ENTIRE store.

Kelley’s Korner Orchid Supplies – Orchid Supplies (20% Discount)*

*NOTE: The 20% discount is not valid on items featured on the “Climate Control” page.

Daryl Yerdon is the owner of Kelley’s Korner Orchid Supplies and has been growing orchids for over sixteen years. In 2009 the New Hampshire Orchid Society awarded Daryl with the Sawyer Family Advanced Grower Trophy recognizing him as an expert grower for the NHOS. Daryl is able to bring his expertise and experience growing orchids to Kelley’s Korner and is happy to assist others with questions about orchid supplies and care.

Seattle Orchid – Orchids & Plants (10% Discount)*

*NOTE: One coupon per customer.

Seattle Orchid supplies orchid species nationwide, flowers by florists, and displays for corporate offices and lobbies. You can shop their incredible selection of orchids online, at their retail location in Seattle, Washington, or visit them at shows throughout the season locally including Portland and cities throughout the Northwest.

Crankbunny – Orchids Pop-Up Cards (25% Discount)*

*NOTE: 25% discount valid only on Orchid Cards.

Working under the name Crankbunny, Norma V Toraya is an animation director and paper artist who creates handmade pop up cards, novelty toys and paper puppet dolls that will make you feel special and playfully delighted.

Dawn Vertrees Jewelry – Orchid & Nature Inspired Jewelry (20% Discount)

Dawn Vertrees is a jewelry designer from Cornelius, North Carolina. Her intricate orchid jewelry pieces have been featured by the American Orchid Society and have won numerous awards, including Best in Show in Miami, FL. Each piece is created using a processed called ‘Lost Wax’ from silver, gold, and/or bronze. Dawn accepts custom orders and you can receive 20% off your customer order by mentioning the coupon code.

And don’t forget:

Using that SAME coupon code above, you get a FULL 20% OFF everything RIGHT HERE on the OrchidsMadeEasy website :-) Either scroll down to our list of currently available products in the “footer” area of this page… or simply USE the coupon code next time you receive an email from me announcing a new product.

Yet another “perk” of being a “Green Thumb Club” member :-)

*Please note: Because we’ve kicked this program off in July 2013, over the coming weeks and months, we’re going to be adding DOZENS of additional suppliers to the list of places you can get discounts from – on all sorts of orchid / garden related supplies and equipment.

If you have a favorite website you’d like to see added to the list, see below…

Now, a few important things:

First, in case you’re wondering this coupon code is for active Green Thumb Club members only. If you’re not yet a member, you can join by visiting:

Because the cost of the program VERY inexpensive (less than a cost of a meal at McDonald’s each month), for many people the amount of money they SAVE on orchids and supplies actually outweighs the cost of membership. PLUS every week you get a new orchid lesson and the opportunity to get YOUR orchid questions answered.

Why Don’t We Just Sell Supplies On This Website?

(Because I get this question a lot, rather than sell supplies ourselves or take an “affiliate commission” by promoting someone else’s store on our website, Laura and I much rather pass along SAVINGS to you, by using the SIZE of our readership to get you access to special “non-public” discounts – and put you in touch with our favorite suppliers who offer high-quality, affordable products.)

Have a Website You’d Like to See Added?

The most effective way to get a supplier to consider offering a special discount to Green Thumb Club members is simple:

Write to them or call them up and let them know! You can even refer them to this webpage if you’d like. And once you’ve done that, send me an email to let us know so we can follow up.

It’s sort of like getting your grocery store to stock your favorite product:

If enough people ask, they’ll consider doing it.

Okay, I think that covers everything for now.

Have a great day and I’ll talk to you soon :-)

All my best,

Ryan Levesque Orchids

Ryan “The Orchid Guy” :-)

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