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Dear Friend,

Over the years...

One of the things "Orchids Made Easy" book readers have practically BEGGED me to offer over and over again in addition to our book is comprehensive video training , which *shows* you exactly how to care for your orchids in step-by-step detail...

In other words...

Which is why Laura and I teamed up with fellow orchid expert Chuck Keiser to produce the most comprehensive, step-by-step video training program on caring for orchids... And I’m finally excited to announce the release of the latest and recently updated version of...

The Orchids Made Easy DVD Course

"The Ultimate Video Program Covering Everything You Need
to Know to Care for Your Orchids Step-By-Step

“It's like having an orchid expert right there
next to you to SHOW you what to do!

If you’re the type of person who tends to be more of a “visual learner”... Or if you could really use a visual video reference in your orchid education library, then I think you’re gonna love this program... There’s nothing else available like it.

In fact, here’s a taste of what you’re about to discover in this fun, exciting, and newly-updated 3 Disc DVD program:

Module 1: Orchid Care Basics

  • Beginner Basics 101: The 7 MOST important things you need to know if you're just getting started with orchids...
  • How To Identify Your Orchid: Learn how to know exactly what kind of orchid you've been given (or recently purchased yourself) - so you know exactly what kind of care they require...

  • Light: See exactly how much light your orchid needs to thrive, quickly and easily using my simple "Light Level Index" - (You'll never again have interpret what it means to give your orchid "partial shade" or "some light.")
    • The 6 Signs Your Orchid Is Not Getting Enough Light... 
    • The 4 Signs Your Orchids Is Getting TOO Much Light...
  • PLUS "My Shadow Test Method" - The simple (but accurate) way to measure light levels in your home in under 5 minutes, AND without any fancy equipment...   

Module 2: Selecting the Perfect Orchid For You

  • The 5 Best Orchids For Beginners.  These orchids almost "take care of themselves."  And because of how EASY it is to get them to bloom, you just might fool people into thinking you're some kind of "orchid genius!"  (Feel free to keep the secret to yourself...)
  • New Orchid Checklist: 10 Point Checklist to evaluate your home environment to help you decide on the best orchids for you...
  • BONUS: The 10 Dos and Don'ts for Growing Orchids Outside. What every grower should know before taking their orchid hobby to the great outdoors...

Module 3: Preparing Your Environment

  • Welcoming Orchids Into Your Home: How to do a proper walk-through of your house and use a "5 Point Checklist" to determine where in your home is best for your orchid.  Learn how to Pick the Perfect Place for your Plant!
  • Discover the one unique temperature requirement that separates orchids from nearly every other houseplant.  (Take note...If not handled properly, it's been my experience that this is the #1 reason why orchids fail to bloom...)
  • Learn your orchid's "Safe Temperature Range" - The min & max temperatures your orchid will tolerate and still maintain its ability to produce flowers.
  • Airflow: Discover why orchids can't thrive without proper airflow...
  • Early Warning Signs: If your orchid is Too Hot or Too Cold in your home...
  • Humidity: Discover exactly How much humidity your orchid needs to survive...
  • 5 Tips For Raising Humidity (Without peeling the wallpaper off the walls) PLUS - Find out if putting your orchid in the bathroom is really a good idea...

Module 4: Watering & Fertilizer

  • Watering 101: The "Right" and "Wrong" way to water your orchid.  Yes, believe it or not there IS a right way. (and 99% of new orchid growers get this one wrong...)
  • How much water to give your orchid. The simple way of knowing exactly when it's time to add more more water, or if you've been giving too much.
  • The 7 Signs of Overwatering and the 5 Signs of Underwatering.  PLUS... 3 Things you should do right away if you discover that you've been over or under-watering your plant.
  • Discover how to use my "Wet It and Forget It" watering method...
  • When you should be watering, misting the leaves, or doing both...
  • The TRUTH about immersing your orchid in water...
  • What you should do when you've got roots sticking out of the pot in mid-air.
  • What kind of water is actually POISON to your plants, and what to do if you're affected by this problem...
  • Fertilizer: See how much and how often you should fertilize your orchid.
  • Orchid Fertilizer Checklist - 6 Ingredients every good orchid fertilizer should have.
  • The important (but little-known) differences between Granule, Slow-Release, & Water Soluble fertilizers... and how to choose which is right for you.
  • PLUS: See how to identify and treat "Fertilizer Burn"...

Module 5: Pests & Disease

  • Prevention is the Best Medicine! 10 Tips For Preventing Pests & Disease
  • The 6 Signs of Sickness.  Learning to recognize these signs is the first step toward keeping your orchid alive and healthy.
  • The 14 Most Common Orchid Pests & Diseases.  Learn how to distinguish between the most common orchid pests and diseases (and get rid of them forever) using this fully illustrated "Pest & Disease Identification Chart"
  • Learn the most effective commcerical products to defeat even the toughest outbreaks - plus 100% safe, all-natural alternatives that do the job just as well.
  • Learn to tell the difference between "Surefire Signs of Sickness" and when it's "Nothing to Worry About" including:
    • What it means when your orchid leaves are "sticky"
    • What's causing your orchid leaves to turn yellow.
    • The subtle, but critical difference between a "Healthy" yellow leaf and a "Toxic" yellow leaf.
    • What it means when your flowers have "rust spots" on them.
    • What are those "small brown lumps or spots" on your leaves and flowers.
    • Why your orchid flowers keep falling off and withering, and what to do about it.
    • What to do about roots that are covered in mold and have turned black - including what to do to get rid of it if the mold keeps coming back!
    • And much, much more!
  • PLUS home remedies you can try yourself, including Cinnamon, Listerine mouthwash, and many more...

Module 6: Blooming & Reblooming

  • The 9 Reasons Why Orchids Won't Bloom, and the astonishing "miracle" techniques you can use to get virtually any orchid to bloom again - Even if you've tried EVERYTHING and nothing has seemed to work.
  • 6 Secrets to Longer Lasting Blooms.  Instantly understand exactly what makes your orchids "tick"... and what YOU can do to temporarily "slow the aging process" of your plant and enjoy an extra month of blooms every single year!
  • Discover what actually triggers new bud formation, when it naturally occurs, and how you can "trick" your plant into producing flowers when YOU want them!
  • Discover how often your orchid is supposed to flower in a year.  Never again have to wonder if you're doing something wrong, or if your orchid is simply going through its normal growth cycle.
  • If the flowers fall off and the "stick" dries out, learn how to tell whether this is just normal, or if you need to do something specific.
  • Find out how long it takes for your orchid to bloom again once the flowers fall off AND which months you have the BEST chance of getting new flowers from your plant. (HINT: It's like trying to have a baby -- There ARE actually times when you have a better chance of success! :-)
  • Learn the #1 thing you must do immediately after your orchid has finished blooming (the answer may shock the heck out of you...)
  • 3 things you should do if your otherwise healthy orchid grows new roots or leaves, but no new flowers. 
  • The biggest mistake almost all orchid growers make -- even the savvy ones --  when trying to cut and rebloom their plant.  Correct this, and watch the number of new flowers on your plant explode!

Module 7: Potting, Repotting, & Staking

  • How Repot Your Orchid in 7 Simple Steps. (Each step fully illustrated with close-up photos). Finally, see the process explained to you someone who has successfully repotted over 200 orchids.  
  • Discover what kind of growing medium your orchid needs to produce hearty, healthy roots.  And find out why styrofoam peanuts could be the "secret ingredient" to your success!
  • 8 Potting Materials You Can't Live Without... PLUS the "World's Best Orchid Potting Mix Recipe" Discover the secret formula, and learn how you can make it at home yourself in just 4 Simple Steps!
  • The 3 Signs It's Time To Repot Your Orchid...
  • The Best (and Worst) Time of the Year to Repot
  • How to choose the perfect-sized pot for your plant.
  • Learn whether your orchid is one that prefers to be extremely "pot-bound" or if it prefers more room.
  • What to do with your plant once its roots start creeping out...
  • Learn whether you should use a plastic or clay pot, and the "unfair advantage" you get when using a clear container...
  • PLUS - Find out whether it's a good idea to transplant your orchid into a basket planter and how you can do it in just 3 Easy Steps.

Module 8: Introduction to Propagation

  • The 5 Ways You Can Propagate Your Orchid
  • Discover how you can use clippings or cuttings to make new plants.
  • What to do when new shoots appear on your orchid.
  • What you should do with "baby orchids" that suddenly start growing off your original orchid, and how to prevent damaging the mother plant.

  • What to do when roots start growing off the stem in mid-air...
  • What you need to know before attempting to take your plant from seedling to flowering stage.
  • Find out whether it's possible to cross-pollinate two of your favorite orchids and create your own hybrid...

BONUS: Frequently Asked Questions Covered in Detail!

Plus, in addition to everything outlined above, we take time to cover dozens of the most frequently asked questions I receive every single week, including...

Now, from where I sit... there’s nothing else available like this program.  But naturally, I’m biased, right? :-) So here’s what actual folks are saying about this video program:

What People Are Saying:

So as you can see, there really is no other video course on that’s as detailed... as comprehensive... as step-by-step and immediately useful as this program here.

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How can I do this?

Yes, it's a financial gamble for me...  But that's how confident I am that you're gonna be thrilled with this program. We poured our heart and soul into it - and spilled the beans on everything we know. 

We've been publishing our work on orchids for years.  Feel free to look us up.  We guard our reputations like a bulldog guards the front door.  If you're not happy, we're not happy.  The address you mail to is our office, here in the heart of Georgetown.  Stop by anytime.  We love orchids as much as you do :-)

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