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Dear Friend,

I hope you’re as excited to be reading this letter as I am to be writing it.

Because one of the things "Orchids Made Easy" readers have practically BEGGED for in addition to our book and DVD is ongoing orchid training, teaching and support to answer all of their most burning orchid questions AND show them everything they need to know to QUICKLY become an orchid “Green Thumb” expert...

Which is why Laura and I wanted to put together a program for growers who want to go “beyond the absolute basics” ... get your ACTUAL orchid questions answered... and SAVE MONEY by getting access to the same special non-public “wholesale” pricing dealers get on orchids and supplies...

This is why we created something called:

The Orchids Made Easy “Green Thumb Club”

“It's like having an orchid expert hold your hand,
show you all the “tricks of the trade” and
transform YOU into an Orchid Expert Yourself!

In this letter, I’m going explain exactly what the "Green Thumb Club" is... how it works... and why (as you’ll see in a moment) this could be the most exciting step you take in your journey into the fascinating world of orchids...

First, let me explain how the "Green Thumb Club" works:

The Green Thumb Club is a 12 month, weekly orchid training program which goes WAY BEYOND the fundamentals covered in the Orchids Made Easy book and DVD (and definitely WAY beyond what’s covered in our free orchid tips newsletter ...)

As a member of the Green Thumb Club, every week, you’ll receive a NEW and exciting step-by-step, multimedia orchid lesson delivered to your email inbox – and made available online to you 24/7 in a special password-protected members-only area.

As a member, we cover all sorts of IMMEDIATELY helpful topics - from the essential make-or-break rules of orchid growing, to detailed tutorials on potting, propagation, nutrition, pest control, answers to your questions and MUCH more.

In addition to covering all the most important basics, as part of your weekly lessons you also get access to...

Tutorials From World-Class Orchid Experts From Around The World On Dozens of Specialty Orchid Topics, Including...

In addition to your regular weekly lessons...

You ALSO get in-depth BONUS lessons on each of the 27 most popular (and beautiful!) orchid species in detail complete with DOZENS of full-color photographs and advice to help you choose the best orchids for your particular growing situation, including...

Extra BONUS Lessons On
How to Care for Over 24+ of the
Most Popular Orchid Varieties!

In fact, there’s a full bonus lesson covering each of the following varieties:

(check below to see if your favorite variety is covered.
If it is, then this is something you’ll definitely benefit from):
• Brassia • Ludisia • Phaphs 
• Catasetum • Lycaste • Phragmipedium
• Cattleya  • Masdevallia • Pscyhopsis
• Cymbidiums  • Miltassia • Sarcochilus
• Cycnoches • Miltonia • Vandas
• Dendrobriums • Odontoglossum • Vanilla Orchids
• Encyclia • Oncidiums • Vuylstekeara
• Epidendrum • Phalaenopsis • Zygopetalum

Because each easy-to-digest lesson builds on the previous one, by the time you complete this program you’ll be an absolute MASTER at all there is to know about growing orchids!

But that’s not all, because...

In Addition to Everything You’ve Just Read
As a Member You’ll Also Get YOUR Most “Burning”
Orchid Questions Answered By Me!

In ADDITION to your weekly lessons, as a Green Thumb Club member, you’ll also get the opportunity to get YOUR orchid questions answered through my weekly “Ask the Orchid Guy” column!

Here’s how this works:

Because I receive hundreds of emails every single day and I'm not able to personally respond to each and every question, every single week, I tackle ONE or TWO reader questions in DETAIL as part of a weekly column I write called: "Ask the Orchid Guy"...

All questions are available to the public - but my detailed answers and step-by-step instructions are made exclusively available to Orchids Made Easy "Green Thumb Club" members...  And because I often receive similar questions from folks around the world, and because you’ll get instant access  to the ENTIRE “Ask the Orchid Guy” Archives, there’s a good chance the question you’re tackling right now is covered.

In fact, just to give you a taste here’s a tiny sample of past questions:

But even more important, when you check out the Green Thumb Club today, you'll instantly become part of arguably the most exciting, most diverse orchid club in the worl, because...

You'll Be Joining Over 1,800+
Active Green Thumb Club Members,
From 36 Different Countries!

One of the best aspects of the Green Thumb Club is the community you’ll be part of.  We are all like-minded, nice folks from around the world.  The group is made up of regular folks just like you and me - from all walks of life, who just happen to share in this crazy obsession (ahem, passion!) of ours known as orchids.

Something For You Whether You're a "Beginner" or "Experienced"...

And it doesn't matter if you're a complete NEWBIE...

Or if you're an EXPERIENCED grower, because...

There are folks in the club who just picked up their first orchid at Home Depot yesterday, were instantly smitten, and are now gobbling up every little tidbit they could on the topic of orchids...

At the same time, There are folks in the club who have elaborate greenhouses with 50... or in some cases more than 100 plants (more than me!)...

And because there's a mix, the information, tips, and secrets you'll start getting the moment you join are designed both with the beginner and experienced grower in mind - we keep things simple, "Orchids Made Easy"- style... And at the same time cover each topic in depth, so there's no question left unanswered.

In fact, in case you’re curious to see if there are members near you, here’s an updated map depicting where our over 1,800+ members from around the world are located:

Now, as you can imagine...

Because my wife Laura and I have brought in some of the best experts from around the world to help deliver this training... And because we’ve put our own heart and soul into making this training as valuable and comprehensive as possible... I think this is the best darn way to become an orchid “Green Thumb” expert – and have loads of fun along the way.

But naturally, I’m biased. 

So please, don’t take my word for it.  Instead, I invite you to read...

What Actual Green Thumb Club
Members Are Saying:

As you can see, there’s literally no other program out there like this – and it’s something I’m so proud and excited to be able to make available to you today.  It’s what I consider my life’s work, as far as orchid education – all wrapped up in this one, comprehensive program.

In fact, I believe so strongly in this program, I’d like to offer you a completely-risk free opportunity to check out the entire “Green Thumb Club” for yourself for a full 30 days – for just $4.95 – today only.

Check Everything Out For Yourself for
A Full 30-Days 100% Risk-Free!

I’m doing this so you can check everything out for yourself... completely risk-free and “with-no-strings-attached”!

(Make no mistake: this truly is a very special one-time-only offer because right now we have hundreds of Orchid “Green Thumb Club" members happily paying $20.00/month -- but you can get in right now for a huge 75% discount!)

Here’s how the this special offer today works:

Sign up by clicking on the button at the bottom of this page, which will get you special risk-free access to the Green Thumb Club for a full 30 days for just $4.95. 

Then after the 30 days is up, if you’re enjoying the material (and I know you will!), do nothing, and you’ll be billed just a tiny $20.00 $9.95/month (a SAVINGS of 50%) starting after your trial one-month access is up.   

And when you “graduate” at the end of the 12 months, you’ll remain a Green Thumb Club member where you’ll continue to receive up-to-date orchid information sent to you every single month!

Pretty neat, right?

Even better... Because you have direct input into what is covered every month as a member – as well as the opportunity to submit your feedback...

“It’s like having your own master orchid expert grower right there in the room with you to answer YOUR questions...”

Of course if you change your mind later - you can simply drop me an email to cancel at any time because there’s no long term commitment, and we’ll still remain friends – I promise. But if you’re like the hundreds of other "Orchid Green Thumbs" around the world in the club already - I think you’re gonna LOVE what you discover in this program!

But it gets EVEN BETTER still...

Because there’s one last thing I forgot to mention, and it’s important.

Because for some folks, I’m going to explain how EVERYTHING I just mentioned in this letter (and more) can be yours essentially for FREE.

How The Cost of The Club Can
Actually Be 100% FREE

When you think about it – even at regular price the Green Thumb Club is already less than the cost of a meal at McDonalds...  And the knowledge (and joy of learning) you’ll gain – will benefit you and your orchids for a lifetime... 

But I want to explain how the club is actually even more affordable than that.  And how for some members (maybe you too) makes the cost of membership practically FREE or at a minimum, at a significant discount...

You see, another “bonus” member benefit you’ll be receiving the instant you sign up:

As a Member You ALSO Get Access To
Special Dealer-Only “Wholesale” Discounts
On Orchids & Supplies From 20 - 40% Off!

The second you become a Green Thumb Club member, you’ll get immediate access to special non-public “wholesale” pricing at a number of different websites offering everything from worm tea, to orchid fertilizer, to potting supplies, to hydroponics equipment, and even actual orchids!

What that means for you is this:

After you become a member today, say you need to pick up a few things online... some supplies for example.  And let’s say the total comes to $25 at retail.  Well, if you buy from one of the suppliers on our “wholesale pricing” list... And say that particular supplier offers a 40% discount? 

Well, instead of paying $25 bucks, it’s only gonna cost you $15. 

In other words, by joining the Green Thumb Club... You’ve just saved yourself $10 bucks on the cost of supplies, which effectively makes the cost of the club FREE!

(And by the way, many of these sites don’t only specialize in orchid supplies.  They offer supplies, plants, and equipment for all sorts of different houseplants and for the garden.  What this means is, if you also have other plants at home, or do any gardening then you can really save a LOT of money...)

And there’s no limit to how much $ you save. I’ll explain exactly how to start getting this special pricing in a second, but first here's a tiny sample of the type of suppliers you’ll be getting “wholesale” pricing from, the moment after you join the club:

And yep, that LAST one is NOT a misprint!  You saw that right: 

As a Green Thumb Club Member
You ALSO Get a Full 20% off EVERYTHING
On the Orchids Made Easy Website

I'll say it again:

Once you become a member, you save 20% on EVERYTHING we sell!

And by the way, that’s an ADDITIONAL 20% OFF. 

And it includes SALE items as well.

Which means, you get an EXTRA 20% off anytime we run a special promotion – on our book, the DVD course, any of our Master Classes, Orchid Jewelry you name it.

If you're considering checking out any of our other paid courses or programs, the fact that you'll save 20% on top of any other discounts makes joining today a complete "no-brainer" decisiong.

Now, in case you’re wondering...

Here’s how the discount program works:

Once you join as a member through the link below, you’ll get access to a special page with a unique COUPON CODE you can use (as many times as you’d like) at a number of different suppliers – including those listed above.  The coupon code is updated monthly, when the previous month’s code will no longer work.

(This way, you continue to enjoy special “wholesale” pricing as long as you remain an active member.)

The only catch?

This is a One-Time Opportunity

To CHECK OUT the Orchids Made Easy Green Thumb Club for just $4.95 100% RISK-FREE... Get access to the special “wholesale” supplier pricing... PLUS get access to THREE ADDITIONAL “unadvertised” bonuses (which you’ll get a chance to see AFTER you've signed up in the members area)...

This is a one-time opportunity – TODAY ONLY, which means you must click on the blue order link below once you've finished reading this letter to take advantage of this special offer. 

(After today, you will never see this page, price, or one-time opportunity ever again – and the only way to check out the club will be to pay full regular price of $20.00/month.)

And once the club reaches 2,000 members...

It’ll be closed off to new members. 

And possibly for good.

(One of the things that’s important to me, is that I actually get to know and interact with as many members as possible.  Once the club gets too big, this becomes impossible.  So I’m closing things off once we hit 2,000 members.  And considering we’ve got over 80,000 folks on our orchid tips newsletter, it’s not a matter of if. It’s just a matter of when.  It could be this week, it could be next...)

Here's What I Recommend

Don’t try to decide if you should join the Green Thumb Club today. Instead...

Sign up for your risk-free 30-day trial today by clicking on the button below.

(This way you won’t miss out on today’s special opportunity, before we fill up or this page gets taken down.)

Then, after you sign up, here’s how to get started:

Once your order has been confirmed, you’ll receive an email from me with your membership username and password to login to the special members-only area.

Step 1: Once you receive that email, log in to the members area...

Step 2: Check out your first week’s lesson...

Step 3: Take a look at all the lessons you’ll be receiving over the coming weeks. 

Step 4: Check out the ‘Ask the Orchid Guy’ archives. 

Step 5: Download and print up all the lessons – read them at the beach if you’d like

Step 6 (Optional): You can even take advantage of your ‘wholesale pricing’ benefit right away by downloading your special coupon code.

Then, if you’d like to stick around and continue one with us – simply do nothing.  Your membership benefits will continue uninterrupted. 

If you decide for whatever reason the Green Thumb Club is not for you – no problem! Simply send me an email to let me know - we’ll cancel your membership, and you won’t be billed another penny.  (I won’t be offended, and we’ll still remain friends I promise!)

But whatever you do, don’t put this off till tomorrow.

If you wait, even a few hours to do this – there’s a chance that this page could be taken down, and this opportunity gone for good.

Here’s what to do now:

Click on the link below and claim your risk-free Green Thumb Club trial membership:

$20.00 Today Just $4.95!

That's a savings of OVER 75% Off!

 YES! I want to take you up on this amazing "Orchid Green Thumb Club" trial offer! I understand I'll save 75% and pay just $4.95 today for a full one month access. Then after 30 days my membership will continue at $9.95 every 30 days (a huge 50% discount!). And I can cancel at any time if this isn't everything you promised and more!

Okay, I’ll leave you with that for now.

I look forward to seeing you on the other side. 

Please be sure to say hello...

Ryan “The Orchid Guy” :-)

P.S.  Remember, Green Thumb Club Membership is less than the cost of a meal at McDonalds... And if you can save just ONE orchid with the tips you get, it'll more than pay for itself in the money you save!

And by the way, hundreds of orchid enthusiasts around the world are members - and I'd love to see you join us! (Please say hello and introduce yourself on the welcome page after you sign up! I look forward to "meeting" you on the other side! :-)

P.P.S.  Still reading? What the heck are you waitin’ for?  Scroll back up, click on that big old link you see there, and take advantage of this special offer on this page before it gets taken down! :-)