Transferring Orchids to Hydroponics: When Is The Best Time?

Question of the Week:

“Hey Ryan,

I have a question for you.

My orchids all 98 of them (mainly Phalaenopsis) are in a greenhouse. About a year ago I began the task of transferring them to hydroponics, YEA!!

I just adopted a Kingidium deliciosum Miniature Phalaenopsis. I’m attaching a picture of this adorable orchid, & some of my other orchids.orchid in bloom

When should I put this miniature in hydroponics, or just transfer him to another pot.

This is my first miniature and it is so adorable. This little fella already has blooms.

Ryan, you have been so helpful to me and my orchids, I started about 3 yrs ago, trying to grow orchids, starting with one, now almost one hundred. I’m overwhelmed to realize I can grow these beautiful orchids, I have you to thank. :-)

If anyone can advise me, you sure can!

Jackie Wilson
Houston, TX


Ryan’s Recommendation:

Hi Jackie,

Nearly 100 orchids—how impressive! I commend you for your dedication to orchids. It really is a rewarding hobby, isn’t it?

From the photos you sent, it looks like your orchids are happy in their hydroponic setup, and it’s very exciting that your first miniature is in bud! I have some tips that will help you decide upon the best growing medium for your Kingidium deliciosum…are you ready? Here we go! Green Thumb Club Members Only
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