What Causes Sticky Substance On Orchids?

Question of the Week:

Sticky Orchid

“Hi Ryan,

Can you tell me what it is when you have sticky stuff all over your Orchids?”

-Mickie Robinson
Los Angeles, CA

Ryan’s Recommendation:

Hi Mickie,

You’ve asked a great question—that is some mysterious sticky stuff, isn’t it? What exactly is it, what causes it, and is it good or bad for orchids? Well, it depends; is the sticky stuff in the form of small beads on your orchids’ spikes and leaves, or are the leaves just sort of sticky overall? If your answer is the former, that’s a good thing! If your answer is the latter, it may indicate a pest infestation.

I do have answers to all of these questions! So let’s explore the secrets of the sticky stuff…Green Thumb Club Members Only
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