Snails and Fungus: How Do I Get Rid of Them?

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“Hello Ryan,

snail and orchidI live in Trinidad, West Indies and really appreciate your tips and advice. I’m growing orchids as a hobby but because of the high humidity (rain forest > 80%) I continuously battle with snails and fungus. Do you have any home remedy tips/advice I can apply to reduce these problems on my orchids health and growth?”

Hamid Hassanali

Ryan’s Recommendation:

Hi Hamid,

Excellent question—while high humidity can be ideal for growing orchids, it can of course have its downsides. I’m here to help with some tips for home remedies that will help you reduce your infestation issues. There are simple things you can do to help ward off fungus, and there are fungal and snail remedies that you might already have in your pantry! Let’s explore, shall we? Green Thumb Club Members Only
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