Premature Orchid Bloom Drop: The Cause?

Question of the Week:

“Dear Ryan,

I read where you said orchids should not be near ripening fruit. I have an arbor 8-10 feet high with a slatted roof, bordered by the house on one side, a block wall on the other, and two open areas (arbor supported by a post). On the arbor is a passion fruit vine that has dozens of fruits starting to ripen. I have a lot of cymbidiums on the ground below the passion fruit vine (southern exposure)…

…Since the area is well ventilated and breezy, does the rule about ripening fruit still apply to outdoor orchids? The passion fruit vine does occasionally drop a fruit into my orchid bed but I pick them out as soon as I see them. Could the proximity to ripe fruit be causing the bloom drop?”

– Gerri Pisciotta, Westchester, CA

Ryan’s Recommendation:

Hi Gerri, blooming cymbidium orchids and a passion fruit vine! Wow, your back patio sounds like paradise! Cymbidiums are fantastic outdoor orchids as they are pretty tolerable to warm daytime temperatures and absolutely love the cooler nighttime temperatures. As you have noted in your question, I do recommend… Green Thumb Club Members Only
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