What Type of Orchid Winter Care Should I Give My Phalaenopsis?

Question of the Week:

“Hi Ryan!

PhalI have been enjoying your letters on orchid care and adhering to the advice. Thank you. Many “thumbs up”!!

My orchid is a Phalaenopsis. It was purchased in March in bloom with a number of buds and has continued blooming. I am a plant lover and it joins a myriad of other plants in a bright room and sits on a table in a large palladium East window, shaded by the trees outside, and has been perfect.

The blossoms have just started to drop one by one every so often. Now that winter is coming, with the leaves gone outside soon, it has to be moved since the sun beams thru that window. We have no North window. Can I move it to the side away from direct sun? Any other suggestions for how to care for my Phal in winter would be helpful. Should I fertilizer more or less when it gets cooler?

Thank you again for all the information you share! Most helpful since this is the first orchid I ever owned.”

Hoping to hear from you,
Barbara C.
Midland Park, NJ


Ryan’s Recommendation:

Hi Barbara,

Your Phalaenopsis is beautiful—kudos for giving it a happy home! You’re absolutely right to wonder what care the orchid needs as the season changes. The basic answer to these questions is yes: orchid care should change a bit from season to season. Of course, there are thousands of varieties of orchids out there, and each type has its own specific needs. So for our purposes, we’ll focus on what needs a Phal has as winter begins to set in! Let’s explore… Green Thumb Club Members Only
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