Orchid Transition Care: What Should I Do When I Bring New Orchid Home?

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Oncidium“Hi Ryan,

Just brought a new orchid home and transplanted it in a larger pot. What do I need to do for the next few days to make the transition correct? Almost like bringing a new born home from the Hospital!”

Joe Hanish
Commerce, Michigan


Ryan’s Recommendation:

Hi Joe,

RootsCongratulations on your new addition! You’re right about newly acquired orchids being almost like bringing a newborn home. Fortunately, orchids don’t need to be fed every couple of hours. :-)

I want to commend you for repotting your orchid immediately after bringing it home; this is an important element of long-term orchid health that many growers fail to do. Repotting right away allows you to inspect the whole plant, roots and all, and remove any rotten roots that will cause health problems later on. Now let’s talk about what type of care orchids need post-repotting to help them adjust to their new environment…Green Thumb Club Members Only
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