Orchid Spike Location & Reblooming

Question of the Week:

“Hi Ryan!

I received two 7. New Leaf Growthbeautiful Phalaenopsis orchids for Valentine’s this year. Each had two lovely stems full of blooms. After the blooms fell, one of the stems started turning brown so I cut it down to the bottom. One plant has a new leaf growing from the center. The other started growing a new stem from the center of the plant and that stem now has a leaf. How can I get it to rebloom again?”

– Tessa Brown Pensacola, FL


Ryan’s Recommendation:

Hi Tessa!

Thanks for your note – and GREAT question. As monopodial orchids, Phals develop new growth from their crowns. Leaves climb upwards on alternating sides in a ladder-like fashion. The photo you show above is a perfect example of what this new growth should look like.

The only problem is this: Phalaenopsis orchids can sometimes sabotage themselves by growing a spike out of one specific part of the plant (which I’ll get into in a moment). But even in cases like this, you can still get your orchid to rebloom using the technique I’m about to show you today…
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