Orchid Hydroponics: Will My Vanilla Orchid Work Well With This System?

Question of the Week:

Vanilla Orchid

“I have a vanilla orchid vine. It is potted in a mix of potting soil, orchid mix, and moss. Will this orchid work well in the hydroponics system? It is growing quite well. Also how long does it take for this type of orchid to bloom?”

-Connie Tosten
Garland, Texas

Ryan’s Recommendation:

Hi Connie,

Thanks for your question, and I’m glad to hear that your vanilla orchid is doing well. Vanilla orchids are quite unique among orchids due to their vine-like growth habit. When deciding which type of potting medium to use, you’ll want to take into account the specific orchid’s natural habitat, which will help you evaluate whether a hydroponic-type system is able to approximate the environment that the orchid would experience in the wild. So let’s find out a bit about the vanilla orchid, shall we? Green Thumb Club Members Only
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