Orchid Growing Sideways: What Should I Do?

Question of the Week:

orchid growing sideways
“Hi Ryan!

I have a small problem that needs addressing. I didn’t really think about it at the time, but it appears my orchid has been growing towards the sun. It now lies flat on the pot. I’ve since changed the direction. I’m hoping it will straighten out on its own. Is there anything else I should do?limp leaves I’m afraid to handle it as I fear I might snap it!

Please help!”

-Wendy Edwards
St. Pete’s Beach, FL

Ryan’s Recommendation:

Hi Wendy,

Good question—and nice healthy-looking leaves on your Phalaenopsis, by the way! Orchids, like many plants, will orient their growth toward the light. There are some additional reasons why your orchid may be growing sideways like you’ve demonstrated in the pictures, so let’s investigate…Green Thumb Club Members Only
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