Is My Orchid Getting Enough Light?

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“Hi Ryan,
I have received your e-mail, thanks for
checking. Enough Light I do have a question for you. I’ve recently got bitten by the orchid bug and went from one mini moth to rescuing 4 regular size moths discounted at a local store. I feel they’re in good condition, just past their flowering period. My question is: How can you tell if a Phalaenopsis is not receiving enough light?

I have them at work, near an east facing window. My window has a 6 to 8 foot overhang that may prevent the orchids from getting enough light but I’m not certain. I’ve learned that they are okay with less light than other types of orchids because of their broad leaves, but I’m still concerned. If you could point me in the right direction to learn about this aspect, I would appreciate it.”

-Denetta Gravett, Orange, TX

Ryan’s Recommendation:

Hi Denetta,

Congratulations on your growing orchid collection! That orchid bug certainly does bite hard, doesn’t it? Your question is a very common one that beginner and even many advanced orchid growers alike struggle with.

You are correct that Phalaenopsis orchids don’t require as much light as other types of orchids. I have a quick and dirty method for you to gauge whether your orchids are getting the right amount of light. This is a very simple method, and all you need is your own hand. Are you ready for it? Green Thumb Club Members Only
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