Why Are My Orchid Blooms Not Opening?

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aphidsI have a very large Oncidium that is covered with bud spikes, at least 30. It has always been beautiful but, this year the buds are not opening? It gets plenty of light and water and occasionally fertilizer. I have been looking at the bud spikes for close to 2 months. What can I do to make the buds open? Here is a photo showing all the blooms it had last year.”

Dick Vinal
Clermont, FL


Ryan’s Recommendation:

Hi Dick,

Wow—that’s a gorgeous Oncidium you have there! While some Oncidiums are well known for taking months and months before their buds finally open, there are some elements of your plant’s health that you can inspect to see if it’s feeling its best. There are numerous things that can cause a delay in bud opening….so let’s find out what these elements are! Green Thumb Club Members Only
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