How Do You Get Multiple Orchid Bloom Stems?

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I bought your book a few years ago and found it to be great.

I have a question for you–I can grow orchids but never seem to get two stalks of flowers. How do the commercial growers get multiple orchid bloom stems? Is there a way to have my plants shoot out two stalks?”

Thank You,
Lorraine Levine


Ryan’s Recommendation:

Hi Lorraine,

I’m happy to hear that you’ve found the book to be helpful. Your question is an excellent one, and many orchid hobbyists are constantly in pursuit of more flower spikes! Commercial growers can control every detail of their orchids’ environment—they’ve got it down to a science. Those of us growing orchids in our home may not have the ability to control the elements so closely, but I have some tips that you can try to encourage your orchids to produce more than one spike simultaneously…Green Thumb Club Members Only
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