Can You Help Identify My Orchid?

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Purple Vanda
“I enjoy reading your messages and they are quite interesting and informative I do have a question about my orchid. I don’t know the name of it but I think it is beautiful and it has bloomed three times this year already! Can you help identify my orchid? It is close to 5 yrs old. She is my beautiful prize orchid. Thanks!”

Julia K.

Ryan’s Recommendation:

Hi Julia,

Thanks for writing and sharing the photo of your gorgeous orchid! Sounds like you are keeping it in great shape if it’s able to bloom multiple times a year. The formation of the plant and, of course, the flowers themselves are a pretty dead giveaway as to what the more general type of orchid this is. But I have a more specific idea in mind, too, so let’s explore… Green Thumb Club Members Only
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