Orchid Attracting Gnats? Here’s How to Get Rid of Them

Question of the Week:

“I enjoy and use your book, but I’ve got a problem that
the book doesn’t address. gnat My 9 orchids are planted in bark. I’ve found that gnats enjoy that medium as much as the orchids. I’ve got hundreds of them in and flying around the pots. I’m trying to kill them off with insecticidal soap. Will the soap injure the orchid plants? Is there something else that’s more effective? I just don’t have the time to stand around trying kill off each one with a shot of spray. Thanks.”

-Larry Sainato
St. Michael, MD

Ryan’s Recommendation:

Hi Larry,

Orchid pests are one of the least fun things about the hobby, but fortunately there are tried and true ways of controlling them! Before we talk about treatment and prevention for fungus gnats, it’s important to understand how to identify them and what can cause an infestation. So, let’s tackle these little pests! Green Thumb Club Members Only
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