How Should I Get Rid of Aphids On My Orchid?

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“Hi Ryan,

I used to have a very nice orchid collection in my shade house but I had to get rid of them due to some life changing circumstances. Things have changed and it happens to be orchid season here with all the shows and I’m enthused to start up once more.

I have enlarged my collection as follows:

9 Cymbidiums
5 Phalaenopsis
1 Cattleya
1 Lady Slipper
1 Masdevallia

The cymbidiums are on a south facing porch at the entrance to my house on a half-moon shape fitting on each side greeting my guests as they arrive.

aphidsI noticed a couple of aphids on the cyms and gave them a very quick light spray of white oil, but want to know if this will hurt them. What do you recommend I treat them with?

I go out every day and say good morning to them, and tell them how beautiful they look, so you can see I am also a garden nut!

Look forward to hearing from you!”

Melbourne, Australia


Ryan’s Recommendation:

Hi Freda,

Thanks for writing—and congratulations on building your orchid collection back up! I’m sure your visitors love being greeted by all those Cyms—I know I’d appreciate it. Aphids can certainly be an annoyance, but the good news is that they’re treatable, especially when you catch them early (as it sounds like you have). I have some simple treatment tips for you, along with some advice on how to keep the aphids from spreading to your other plants. Let’s dig in, shall we? Green Thumb Club Members Only
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