Can You Use Food Coloring On Orchids?

Question of the Week:

food coloring orchdis“Hi – I’m so happy that I found you. My question is: can I turn white orchids different colors by watering the plants exclusively with food coloring in their water? I plan to try it, as soon as I find a white orchid I can buy, but thought you MIGHT have tried this, and have pointers for me.

Thanks so much!”

– Linda Tant Miller
Tallassee, AL

Ryan’s Recommendation:

Hi Linda,

Thanks for your question, and I do hope you enjoy the book! Many types of flowers with white blooms—particularly carnations, daisies, and roses—can in fact be dyed using food coloring. You may have seen bright blue Phalaenopsis in some supermarkets or big box stores, but those are colored using a special method: by injecting the plant with a proprietary dye that you won’t find in the baking aisle of your grocery store. However, there are secrets to successful at-home flower dyeing that I’m going to share with you today, and you can certainly try them on your own orchids…Green Thumb Club Members Only
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