Should You Fertilize Orchids With Worm Tea?

Question of the Week:

worm tea“Hi Ryan,
I’m loving this Phal Master Class. I just
have one question that I cannot find the answer to in the book or here…unless I missed it! I am using Worm Tea on my orchids and my other house plants and very happy with it so far. But I am wondering, do the orchids need any other fertilizer, even just once in awhile, are they getting all the essential elements with just the Worm Tea? Sorry if I have missed the answer somewhere in all your great info! I try to read carefully but I, so far, have not found the reassurance that the tea is enough on an ongoing basis? I know you must be very busy, sorry for taking your time! I do so love the daily emails, look forward to them a lot! You offer any orchid lover so much great info in your book, emails and classes, you are making this endeavor so much fun and I thank you so much!”

– Gail Foor
Little River, SC

Ryan’s Recommendation:

Hi Gail,

So glad to hear that you are having fun with learning about orchids! It really is easy to fall down the rabbit hole with these amazing plants, isn’t it? :-)

Great question about worm tea—it’s smart to wonder whether your fertilizer is providing all the nutrition that your orchids need. For the best health, growth, and blooming, orchids do require certain minerals and elements. So first, we’ll do a little overview of orchid fertilizer ingredients, and then we’ll review whether worm tea can offer them all…plus, we have a special recommendation for you! Green Thumb Club Members Only
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