What Type of Cane Orchid Do I Have?

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I have attached a picture of an orchid that was given to me by my employer cause it was not doing well at the office at all. I have a few phalaenopsis at home, but I don’t have a clue what this beautiful bamboo like orchid is. It has lost all of its flowers which were very many and beautiful.

Can you identify this orchid on the leaves and growth alone? Any tips on caring for it?”
cane orchid

Thank You!
Danielle Perry

Ryan’s Recommendation:

Hi Danielle,

Thanks for sending in your question, and I love hearing that you took in an orchid that wasn’t doing well. That’s one more orchid saved from the trashcan! I have some good news: I can indeed identify your orchid for you. The photos you sent very clearly tell me what genus this orchid belongs to, so thank you also for the nice photography. Without further ado, let’s reveal what type of orchid you’ve inherited from your employer…Green Thumb Club Members Only
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